Our players at the David Ferres Tournament

 On Saturday, 16th September 2017, the quali of the XII Jóvenes Promesas David Ferrer ended.

The tournament, that helps both male and female tennis payers to start a career in attending tournaments in ball sports, took place in the ‘Club de Tenis Valenica’ again. There are leagues such as youngster, beginner, children and apprentice.

Daniil Ivanov, who played on Saturday at 17.30 o’ clock, won the first round of the quali with 7/5 6/2.

In the beginning he was very nervous an played reservedly. His rival, Hugo Massoni, always smashed the ball into the right part of the court at his forehand being in the lead 5/2.

Ernesto, Daniil’s Coach, told him to smash the ball diagonally, keeping it low.

Daniil’s nervousness didn’t weaken him too much, he still got his head in the game and achieved many points. So he weakened his rival, caught up and won 7/5.

In the second set he was more relaxed and changed the game for his benefits, winning 6/2. The duration of the game was round about 2 hours. He had some benefits of his hard training and being modest about his abilities.

In the second round Daniil did a very good job, was strong and passionate. He lost 5/2, won 6/5 but lost the Tie-Break. He only did just a few little mistakes but all in all played very well.

In the second set he caught up from 0/2 to 3/2 but couldn’t go on playing due to an overexcitement of his calf.

Misha, who played on Sunday at 17.30, won the first round of the quali with 4/6 6/3 6/2

He started very concentrated, his attack weren’t fast enough and he did a lot of mistakes. He played 5/2down, caught up to 5/4 and also had the chance of achieving 5/5 but did too many mistakes.

Ernesto advised him to change his strategy by accelerating his attack just like they’ve practiced before and by leaving his comfort zone.

In the first set he was very tired and attacked his rival very slowly. Luckily he changed after some time, moved like an airplane across the court, played every ball fast and perfectly.

After finishing the game professionally and very well, he didn’t feel too exhausted despite of the short rally and the game’s duration of 2 h 30 mins.

Misha won the second round 6/1 6/1. Its was easy for him and he only had to take 2 points. His rival didn’t have his head in the game and it seemed as if his head and his body didn’t cooperate with each other.

The final draw, under the lead of Vincente García, will take place from 30th September until 10th October. After being qualified on 16th Sep. the winner and the second place of the final draw will be awarded with cups and every participant will receive a Shirt.

On Saturday, 30th Sep, both female youngster, children and apprentices and male participants of every league will play. Female beginners will battle each other on Sunday, 1st Oct. At the same time the second round of female youngsters and apprentices will take place and the rest of the female and male league will battle each other except of the players that have bye, which means they don’t have a rival due to the uneven number of participants in their league, so they simply start in round 2.