Montessori School of Valencia

3 – 6 years from January 2016

6 – 9 years from September 2016

The Montessori Method of education is ideally suited to complement children who are unable to fit into the full time “one size fits all” traditional school.



The Montessori Method teaches skills rather than unnecessary content and its format allows individualised, concentrated study that is always relevant to the particular stage of development of the child.

By definition, our Montessori School has at its heart the strict doctrine of observation and reacting to a child’s progress which allows us to “follow the child”. Consequently, our guides are very aware of the precise pedagogical position of every child. Every child effectively follows their own curriculum, depending on their needs. As a result no time at school is wasted and your child will always fit in comfortably and progress to the best of their ability. Indeed, development of concentration is a key Montessori skill – therefore a child’s talents and interests will be actively supported by the Montessori Method.

There are approximately 4,500 Montessori school in the USA and 20,000 worldwide. The materials and techniques are almost identical worldwide. Your child’s education can therefore be simply picked up elsewhere worldwide if you leave the area. Furthermore not only will your child receive a skill based, child centred education but the recognition of such an education is international.

Sessions can be taken in the morning or the afternoon during the academic year.