What level of play is required to train with the main team of Valencia Tennis Academy?

The level required is the minimum one that allows players to enter tournaments. Our team carries out many tests to determine a player’s level and potential. We evaluate the physical condition and make a video assessment of technique.

What happens if a player doesn’t pass the tests?

We offer a special program of intensive training. Once the player teaches the required level, he or she will join our main team.

Can the players of Valencia Tennis Academy enter international competitions in other countries?

Yes. We devise a calendar according to the level and demands of each player. Both the calendar and the budget are made in writing at the beginning of the season.

How much would it cost for my child to spend a month at the Academy and in Spain?

Prices vary depending on what you and your child would like to accomplish.  Tennis is an individual sport, so here at the Academy we will develop an individual program for your child. The program for your child could be basic or advanced. The price will be different depending on which program you choose. We encourage you to call us if you have any questions.

How does my child get to practice every day?

Most of our players live in Valencia, Spain. We organize transportation for them to the club everyday. We are also able to organize transportation from the Airport and Train Station.

How competitive are the tournaments in Spain? I want my child to see the best competition possible while in Spain.

The competition levels here in Spain are among the best in the World. Every week there are multiple tournaments to choose from.

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