Jaime Mora physical specialist, will be responsible for fitness preparation.

In nowadays fitness has become a key to success in professional tennis. A good physical preparation with a professional specialist trainer is required for every player to achieve his full potential in the game in reduce his risk of getting injured.

Jaime Mora, who had his masters degree from the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) will join our team in Valencia Tennis Academy to offer our members the sufficient experience and physical preparation needed to achieve their full potential in the game.

David CanalMora’s experience make him knowledgable in varied physical aspects, our players will benefit from his wide vision and fitness training capabilities including (exercise prescription, strength, conditioning and application of new techniques.

Members of Valencia Tennis Academy will start training with the 16-time champions David Canal, Spain’s fastest Sprinter.

David Canal is considered the fastest sprinter in the history of Spain by the Royal Spain Athletic Federation (RFEA), his addition to our team will help our players to develop their speed, which is an important attribute to every tennis player.

David Canal will hold weekly sessions with our players to develop their speed, our players will be prerogatived to train with a former athlete who took part in 3 Olympics Games, won 16 national title and 5 Europeans Medals.