Norwegian camp in Valencia

Several times throughout the year at Valencia Tennis a group of Norwegians visit.

Christoffer Miranda studies Physics at the University of Valencia, with that he has shared tennis training. Since his studies he can not stop coming back to Valencia to visit his friends along with tennis training. Each time he comes with friends, who are talented players and adventure lovers.

Good tennis training does not conflict with fun times. The first days are always harder, however everything gets easier over time.

Sergio Dronov, Director of Valencia Tennis Academy has completed video analysis and the training are already well underway. Let’s see what results they get after two weeks of further training.

They are very responsible kids and work hard. It’s nice to work with them.

Sergio Dronov

1 thought on “Norwegian camp in Valencia

  1. Christoffer Miranda

    Siempre es un placer venir y entrenar con vosotros!

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