Sports Psychology

El tenis es un deporte que conlleva muchas tensiones y exige una preparación mental excelente. Por ello, nuestros jugadores tienen la opción de trabajar con un psicólogo deportivo especializado en tenis.

Gracias a los ejercicios y a las sesiones de coaching de nuestro psicólogo deportivo, el tenista podrá resolver mejor las situaciones de estrés en los momentos clave. Mantener la calma en la pista puede ser la clave entre ganar o perder.

Otro aspecto que se trabaja es poder rendir desde el principio del partido hasta el final, siendo lo más regular posible. Prof. Dra. Maite Iriarte ayudará a controlar los nervios y a continuar jugando de la mejor manera en las situaciones adversas. Todo esto se puede aprender y entrenar.

La metodología de trabajo se desarrolla creando situaciones de ensayo en la pista. Los entrenamientos con el psicólogo son muy constructivos y dinámicos. En general tienen siempre un buen resultado y los beneficios son muy positivos.


Tennis is a stressful sport and requires  great mental preparation. from now on, our players will have the option of working with a sports psychologist specialising in tennis.
Thanks to the exercises and sessions Coachingde our sports psychologist, the player can overcome stressful situations at key moments.
Another aspect is to be more consistent and to perform at top level from the beginning of the game until the end. Prof. Dra. Maite Iriarte help us to control the nerves and achieve consistency.
The methodology of work is done by creating test situations on the court. Training with the psychologist is very constructive and dynamic.

Description of the product

• Do you want to be among the best and have continued success?
• Would you like to stop losing matches and losing emotional control on track?
• Do you want to perform at top level in the critical moments of the game and exit successful despite adversity?
– Do you want to evolve as a tennis player and not sure how? –
Pressure, fear, stress from the competition lead to nervousness and lack of concentration. But it is precisely in these times of stress and extreme difficulty, when the player has to give the best of himself and be strong mentally. And this moment is crucial!
Only he who lets advice from a coach or expert in the area to improve succeeds in a discipline.
“It has been demonstrated empirically that athletes adequately prepared psychologically are more successful than those that do not take into account the psychological preparation of the competition.” (Henning Allmer)

The Valencia Tennis Academy invites you to know the program Mental-Coaching
“Success-Power-Program” of Prof. Dr.. Maite Iriarte Rego
Twelve months of individual and unique for a winning MIND accompaniment.
What is the “Success-Power-Program” (SPP)?
The Sucess-Power-Program is an individual coaching and counseling system organized into 10 levels. With it, players and coaches are valuable tools, models and information n which to achieve their objectives with lasting success and consistent performance. With the SPP you have the opportunity to meet and effectively implement mental training methods, such as:
• Mental Plan for competition
• Monitoring objectives of winners
• Various techniques of mind control
• Reactivation of high performance reflex actions
• Control of sensations and focus
• Model ABC to manage emotions
• Conflict management: communication model Craemer
• FLOW: The Pyramid of Success
More information

€ 2999 Sucess-Power-Program for a first profound change.
€ 5699 VIP-Sucess-PowerProgram for a permanent change.
10 hours of counseling and mental training.
Free service coaching sessions brief telephone or Skype (15 min) between appointments.
Price: 1,399 * € including 19% VAT.
Accompanying tournament: part-time 3 h € 299; 6h full day, € 599, € 449 3 days or more per day. Observation and analysis match 299 €.