A good friend of mine, who helped design this website in a creative working atmosphere where we both shared our thoughts and ideas, told me, in an effort to focus on the demands in modern marketing:

“Sergio: you must not tell lies.”

Fully convinced of everything I was writing, I asked him: “Am I lying?
Where? Everything I’m saying is true.” and he said: “Yes, it is true and false at the same time. Actually, everybody lies and so do you, even if not as much as the others. When we speak of a high-level tennis school, we are speaking of the future, of the dreams of the players and their parents, of the dreams of many people. We forget about reality. If you want your school to succeed, avoid lying or playing with their dreams.”

This thought is with me every single day that I work as a tennis coach. If a player reached the world’s top 100, we could say he has achieved truly great results. I know the effort and sacrifice it takes to reach, say, the 110 ranking. Yet in that case nobody will remember the player’s name. He will be able to make a decent living but that’s not a good economical reward for so much effort. Maybe when he retires he will not be out of work but, is that the dream? Has it been worth it?

At the Valencia Tennis Academy, all I can promise and promise, is intense and focused work from my staff and from myself. I offer our knowledge and experience which, with the help of our free-lance contributors, will help up create the optimal conditions for each of our players to make the best and reach the highest level they decide they can.


Sergio Dronov.

Director of the project of Valencia Tennis Academy.