Initial physical evaluation with video evidence by the player and subsequent diagnostic report

Detailed weekly plans accompanied by the necessary videos and images to perform it correctly. It includes a double shift from Monday to Friday and one shift on Saturday.

A weekly virtual training to have direct feedback and correct specific details.

Detailed quarterly reports on progress, fulfillment of objectives, and next steps.

		<p>Cesar Toscano. Fitness Coach.</p>

Cesar Toscano. Fitness Coach.

Cesar Toscano

Physical Education Teacher ISAK L1. Specialized tennis coach (IHP) with more than 20 years of experience in training junior and professional tennis players of various nationalities.

Advisor in physical preparation programs in different tennis academies and other acyclic sports.

Exhibitor with GPTCA tennis lectures and courses.

Fitness Coach

If you think that's not enough...

I invite you to know the complete program.

It is a program of constant monitoring. Video analysis of all the strokes, exercises to get the corrections, and your coach at a distance without limits. Once a week, you receive a program to work at your own pace.

Virtual Tennis Program

<p>Sergey Dronov. Fouder and Head Coach of the Virtual Tennis Program</p>

Sergey Dronov. Fouder and Head Coach of the Virtual Tennis Program