Week Play and Testing


The Week Test and Testing program includes a series of tests that are fully compatible with training and individual program for each player.










It is the most popular program in Valencia Tennis Academy  “Week Play and Testing”

We are working with tennis players, who are at a crucial point in their lives. They have already passed the initial stage and are at a good level at tennis and physically. Many of them have already achieved good results in competitions and dream of achieving more in the future.

The first step to make the right decision for preparing young tennis player is to be clear about their current condition. It is important to obtain accurate data, for which we turn to science. The reports of our specialists in different areas help us to make accurate decisions for the players future.


The “Play and Test Week” includes a series of tests that are fully compatible with workouts in additions to individual program for each player.


Video-analysis Biomechanics

Analysis of movements according to biomechanics and physics vectors.


Physical Preparation

Inform us of the player physical condition and help us to improve it.


Friendly matches

Analyse the player’s ability in competition. psychological analysis.



Physiotherapist report. Status muscular apparatus. Typical control disorders related to tennis practice and common changes in maturity.


Test laterality

By Paul Dorochenko.

It is known that the human brain consists of two hemispheres. Each has a function. Laterality test determines which of the two hemispheres of the brain is primary and which secondary. These data allow us to develop an optimum pattern for each player, in addition to explaining aspects of his personality and define the ability to perform movements based on their technique. It is important to know what the hemisphere director and thus know how personalized be addressed stressful situations in a tennis match racing.


Blood test

Official laboratory.

Help us to know our players current conditions. It is essential to have controlled levels of iron, hemoglobin, vitamins, etc. Throughout the preseason, a broad spectrum analytics helps us adjust to detail the program of physical loads and a Test VO2 Max Valencia Tennis Academy customize feeding patterns and accessories.


Test VO2Max. Endurance Тest

It is the most complex test and provides us more data. How the heart works, operation of the respiratory system and other physiological parameters in general. Our athlete must reach its theoretical maximum load under constant surveillance sports doctor. the anaerobic threshold and the maximum oxygen consumption is determined by stress, like the speed of recovery. With the results of this test are planning a very precise work program on the resistance.



How many times set at the role of the feet in tennis? A player can have very good technique, but if he moves wrong he will need Special exercises. Work movement technique, biomechanics of the race, etc. Many of the players are at maturity level  and podiatrist services special templates are made to correct the typical anomalies that appear in this age group and thus ensure better development.


We invite you to set up your own program plan “Week Play and Testing” and choose the tests that best fit their needs.

Additional information

Video análisis. Biomecánica.

Informe completo y pautas a trabajar sobre los golpes:

Preparación física.

Informe del estado actual.

Partidos amistosos.

Informe sobre aspectos de conocimiento de táctica y resistencia al estrés de la competición.


Informe sobre la fisiología. Espalda. Grupos musculares. Posibles lesiones.

Test de literalidad.

Por Paul Dorochenko. Informe sobre que hemisferio es el principal y las pautas a la hora de jugar los partidos y ejecución de los golpes.

Analitica de sangre.

Informe de bioquímica del organismo. Después del análisis por un medico se recetan las pautas de alimentación, cargas de esfuerzo y complementos alimenticios.

Test VO2 Max. Test de resistencia.

Informe completo sobre el funcionamiento del corazón. Parámetros de consumo de oxigeno. Umbral anaeróbico.


Informe sobre el trabajo de los pies. La planta del pie. Necesidad de uso de plantillas.